Snowball Express

Some of the best memories of childhood are playing in the snow, making snow angels, sledding, and having snowball fights.  Simple, pure, fun!

Capture that unbridled joy with this Indoor Snowball Fight for $29.99.  Even if you have no snow this year, your kids can celebrate with an epic snowball fight without hurting each other or breaking your favorite vase!

I gave this gift to my niece last Christmas, and it was hands down the favorite toy of the day.  Not only did she love it, but all of the adults joined in the fun to toss snowballs at each other throughout the day.  Surprise attacks ensued around each corner of the house!

So, are you the favorite Aunt/Uncle/Grandparent/Friend coming over on Christmas Eve or Hannukah?  Bring a bucket of Indoor Snowball fun and you will be the hero!  This makes a terrific Christmas Eve fun gift to open for kids who are anxiously waiting Santa, or a memorable night of Hannukah.

And, of course, it is completely electronics/battery free--simple good fun to get kids of all ages off the couch.  The snowballs are the one toy everyone will play with throughout the winter.  Even in July we broke out the snowballs for some impromptu fun!

Spice It Up:  Step up your snowball fight game with blow up shields at $24.99 which serve to deflect errant snowballs! 

Tip:  Used gift wrap tubes are effective bats for the snowballs.  Help your kiddo defend their turf by building an "igloo" (a.k.a. a Fort) of white sheets or blankets. 

Also, the shields come with 6 snowballs, but for effective enjoyment I recommend the bucket of 40 snowballs if you have to choose.

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