Good Grief Charlie Brown!

In honor of today's premiere of the new Peanuts movie, I am selecting gifts for all you Snoopy fans out there!  Charles Schulz created one of the most endearing comicstrips. We all grew up enjoying their hijinks, and more importantly learned to be a bit kinder watching Charlie Brown and his misadventures.

I am a diehard Peanuts fan.  Yes, as a kid, I had both Snoopy & Belle and collected all of their outfits!

Pottery Barn Teen (aka PB Teen) has several Peanuts themed items to celebrate the 50th Anniversary of a Charlie Brown Christmas.

As a Snoopy fan and dog lover, I think this cute Snoopy & Woodstock pillow for $39.50 is going under the tree just for me!  

Snuggle up this winter in flannel Peanuts sheets for $32.50, and cozy Peanuts Pajamas at $69.00 per pair.

 Perfect to sit by the fire, sip hot cocoa, and watch the Peanuts kids make a limp little Christmas tree into something special!

Spice It Up:  Honor your Peanuts fan with a donation to support the Charles Schulz museum.  In this modern era of animation, it is good to support a museum which will preserve the heritage of a beloved and legendary cartoonist and his Peanuts gang!

The Charles Schulz Museum is a true gem--the architecture of the building and the design of the exhibits are beautiful!  A true homage to Peanuts and Charles Schulz.  From Schulz' initial drawings, to the historical timeline of Peanuts, to artistic interpretations of his work, the museum delights at every turn,

If you haven't been, and you're up near Napa, take a detour to Santa Rosa for a charming tour of the ice rink and museum.  I had the opportunity to visit them last year when I was in the area for a friend's wedding (a shout out to Emmy, the bride, and Devon, my fellow Peanuts fan!).

Need Peanuts Toys, Clothes or other accessories? There are so many wonderful Peanuts logo items, but the best place to find them is at Snoopy's Gift Shop at Snoopy's Home Ice in Santa Rosa, California.  This is the skating rink that Charles Schulz built for his neighborhood kids, and the one he frequented daily for 30+ years.

Snoopy's gift shop has everything from original Peanuts comic strips, to tshirts, to lunchboxes, etc. There are more items available next door at the Schulz Museum gift shop as well.

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