Aiding And Abetting

Got a friend who is your partner in crime?  You know--the one who turns an ordinary night out into an epic adventure for the record books?

This is a friend you want to honor with a wink and smile, and something worthy your hijinks!  

Bourbon & Boots celebrates co-conspirators with Thelma & Louise, Butch & Sundance, or Bonnie & Clyde etched cocktail glasses for $39.00 a pair.  

As Bourbon & Boots says, "Celebrate the girl that pushes you to do unbelievable and outrageous things...For the best friends who always have the wind in their hair, and the law hot on their heels and enjoy celebrating their friendship with a toast to each other."

Spice It Up:  Cocktail glasses are great, but if you're truly Thelma & Louise worthy you need an elixir handy.  These clever Trixie & Milo Flasks at $29.00 each are a perfect match to the glasses, and they have numerous styles to suit your friend's personality.  I especially like their packaging with the decorated cardboard gift box.

On your gift card inscribe the wise words of Thelma:  
"Louise, no matter what happens, I'm glad I came with you."

Where to Buy: The cocktail glasses can be purchased directly from Bourbon & Boots online.  The Flasks are from Trixie & Milo which can be purchased from them directly or I have seen them in numerous gift shops.  In Dallas, you can find them at Froggies, Betty Lou, etc.

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