Game Day Gear

Rah Rah Rah, Sis Boom Bah!  The weather is cool, the leaves are turning, and it's time for College Football!

Do you show your team spirit by wearing your school colors? Well, take it up a notch with these College Game Day Sweaters from Tipsy Elves at $64.95 per sweater in both men's/women's styles. Like most fans, I believe the louder the gear, the better the winning karma for your team!

Tipsy Elves's sweaters take a nod from the tacky Christmas sweater and blend your favorite team logos and colors to create the ultimate fall sports gear.

I first learned about Tipsy Elves sweaters by a friend who was proudly wearing one--needless to say, he was quite the stand out in the crowd!

The photos do not do these sweaters justice--they are terrific in person.  Also, I can vouch the sweaters are of high quality (unlike some logo apparel) and tailored nicely.

So, get ready for game day by donning one yourself, shipping one to your favorite college student, or putting one away for Christmas/Hannukah as those Bowl Games approach!

Spice It Up: Go full on Gridiron with these snappy Touch Down crew socks from Arthur by Rob Kardashian (I know--I can't believe I'd ever recommend a Kardashian related product) available at Nordstrom for $15.00 per pair.  

Cute and fun, they complete your outfit for any fall Football weekend or Fantasy Football Draft party!

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