Blew Out My Flip Flop...

Some things go out of style, and you're thankful.  Others leave you wondering why such a great product disappeared.  I am happy to report that one of my favorite defunct items is back with a vengeance:  Tiddies Flip Flops!

Do you remember them from the late 80s early 90s?  Ah, yes, the somewhat naughty named flip flops that everyone wore back in the day.  Aside from making me giggle, Tiddies are incredibly comfortable.  Thick cushioned flip flops with soft rubber straps make you feel like you are walking on air.

I've bought several pairs to give as Christmas gifts this year.  They are great for summer fun, resort wear, retro birthday gifts, and holiday gifts for anyone who sported them back in the day or those cool hipster college kids of today.

Spice It Up:  Oh, how I wanted to match the Tiddie's with a vintage Pat Magee's t-shirt!  I searched high and low, but Pat Magee's closed its last shop in 2002.  So, my runner up retro t-shirt is a Panama Jack.  Yes, we are dipping into that Weekend At Bernie's look and it is total greatness.

Feeling uber nostalgic?  Remember those corduroy OP shorts? Unfortunately, those are long gone, but you can purchase OP swimwear at WalMart.  Happily, the Hawaiian Jams store is still open in Honolulu, but I'll give you fair warning their new styles don't look anything like the board shorts with big flower prints of the 80s.

Last, but not least, you must top off the retro beach look with some sporty sunglasses.  Yes, the blue reflective lenses are back "in."  In my mind, these were the "Rob Lowe"style Wayfarers as opposed to the traditional "Tom Cruise" black Raybans from Risky Business--such a fashion dilemma!

It dates me a bit to admit I wore all of these items the first go-round, but I'll sooth my antique ego by sipping a margarita and listening to Jimmy Buffet...Blew out my flip flop...stepped on a pop top... 

Where to Buy:  Tiddies sandals $39.99, Panama Jack T-Shirt $16.00, Rayban Wayfarers $149.50 (cheap knockoffs available at WalMart & Target for $8.00-$12.00--they even have the neon colors for the rims)

If you're looking for great Surf nostalgia, check out the Texas Surf Museum in Corpus Christi, TX.  Pat Magee is featured as one of the legendary Texas surfers.

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