Poppin Good Times

Growing up, the holidays always included watching Peanuts' Thanksgiving and Christmas specials on TV.  As a child, I secretly fantasized that our Turkey would burn and we would have Popcorn/Jelly Beans/Toast for dinner ala Snoopy in the Peanuts' Thanksgiving!

To honor your Thanksgiving host(s) for their hospitality (and provide some good football watching snacks) give them this handy Microwave Popcorn Popper from Sur Le Table.  It fits right in the microwave, and pops fresh kernels for movie style popcorn (much better than those burnt microwave bags).  This popper is glass, reusable, dishwasher safe, and has a handle for ease.  It also has a top that allows you to drizzle butter and other  fixings while it pops. 

This gift is perfect for Thanksgiving, Hannukah/Christmas, New Years Eve/Day host gift, Birthday or Graduation.

Spice It Up:  Include a jar of kernels, and add these delicious toppings to make gourmet popcorn.  They have several seasonings, but the Asiago Pepper flavor is tops!

I've always loved caramel corn, and this topping allows you to mix and melt over the popcorn a quick Buttery Caramel Drizzle popcorn treat.  Delish!

Even better--they are all Gluten Free!

For those serious popcorn lovers, add this recipe book "Popcorn Treats" by Hannah Miles which has detailed recipes to make a variety of popcorn snacks.  

Or, include a DVD of a favorite movie for the perfect Movie Watching night.

Alternative:  For those college kids living in dorm rooms or New Yorkers who simply don't have the storage space, try this alternative popper by Lekue at Sur Le Table that is collapsible and pops up like the old jiffy pops in the microwave. 

P.S.: This gift is so easy and perfect for so many different friends and age groups.  I liked it so much I bought 4 of the glass poppers yesterday, and have them stacked in my closet ready to give for Christmas gifts!

Where to buy: Sur Le Table carries all of these items.  Glass Microwave Popper $24.95, Jar of Kernels $6.95, Seasonings $5.00, Drizzle Topping $4.95, Lekue Collapsible Popper $25.00.  "Popcorn Treats" Book is available at some Sur Le Table stores and at Barnes & Noble $12.95

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