I'd Like to Buy the World a Coke...

My father grew up in a small town in Louisiana, and in High School worked as a soda jerk at the Dixie Drug in Vivian.  Those idyllic afternoons making cherry cokes instilled in him a love for Coca-Cola.  A true Coke traditionlist, he only drinks the short bottles (they taste better than the can), and on any given afternoon you can catch him with his "short coke" in hand.

For Father's Day, my friends Kristin & Brian T. led me to this terrific new product for Coke aficionados.  Riedel, the much heralded wine glass maker, has launched a glass specifically for the enjoyment of Coca-Cola.  This unique glass captures and enhances the flavors of the soda. Considering their reputation among wine sommeliers, Riedel's Coke glasses are sure to be a winner for Coke devotees!

Spice It Up:  Wrap this gift with a six-pack of the short Cokes, or the larger bottles of Mexican coke made with the old-school sugar cane recipe.  Then, for an added touch, include a vintage Coca-Cola bottle opener.  These wall mount openers are surprisingly handy for soda, beer, etc.keeping you ready to pop a top!

Alternative Gift:  If you are from Texas, Dr. Pepper may be your passion. I am sure the Riedel glasses work equally well for Dr. Pepper.  The short six packs & vintage bottle openers are available for Dr. Pepper--just remember 10-2-4.

Where to Buy:  The Riedel glasses are available at Bed Bath & Beyond for $16.99 single glass or $24.99 for pack of two glasses.  Six-pack cokes are available at most grocery stores approximately $4.99. Vintage bottle openers (old style, but not true antiques) run from $5.00-$20.00 at your local antique mall, Amazon or ebay.  

Note: Be careful, as many vendors will try to pass off the the bottle openers as antiques in order to charge you more.  Go for the less expensive reproductions unless you are a die-hard Coca-Cola brand collector.

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