Christmas Card Treasures

Front of Card
The holiday photo cards are arriving daily, and it is heartwarming to see the snapshots of friends and family for the year.
Each year, our family Christmas card is usually comprised of photos which commemorate some life event or trip we took that year.  I imagine your friends' cards are special photos, as well.  So, take these memorable cards and make them a treasured photo card gift.

These block acrylic frames byCanetti Designs are great looking, have a clean contemporary line, stand on their own, and have the added bonus of seeing through the back of the frame (perfect for two-sided cards!).  Separate the two sides of the frame, and position your photo card in the middle of one side.  Then, place the other side on top--you will feel it click into place with the small magnets.
Back of Card

Spice It Up:  As you receive friends cards, plop them in a frame and give it back to them as a festive Hanukah/Christmas/New Year's gift. 

Or, take your own family card and give it in a frame to your in-laws to admire the grandchildren, or to your spouse for their office desk.  For new parents, take their birth announcement and place it in the frame as a gift.

In addition, these frames are also great for commemorating a special concert, pledge day, 21st birthday, or graduation.  Print a picture from that concert you attended, and place the ticket stubs on the back side of the frame. (Many tickets are electronic now, but you can include something from the event like a program/card from bar or menu/etc.).  A great way to remember a fun time with friends!

Buy a few frames to keep on hand for when you need a quick gift.  I hate to admit it, but this is an ideal plan for the lazy gift giver!

Where to Buy:  Crate & Barrel carries a few sizes with free shipping. 5x7 $19.95 or 4x6 $15.95.  Amazon has a range of more unique sizes. 6x8 $41.00, 4x4 $22.00, 2.5x3.5 $12.50, etc.  Or buy direct from Canetti Designs.

Final note:  I keep about 5 of these on a table in my den for myself, and love seeing how my niece has grown from year to year in our Christmas card.  I can't decide which is my favorite, but love to enjoy them rather than tucking them away in a scrapbook.

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