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Give the gift of good health for the new year.

Whether you are a hardcore fitness lover or an office worker chained to a desk, the Jawbone UP fitness band is a remarkable gift.  The Jawbone UP tracks your fitness, sleep and eating habits to help you monitor and improve your overall health.

There are several alternative devices on the market (Nike Fuel, Fitbit, etc,), but I purchased a Jawbone UP for myself for the amazing features.  From the choice of multicolor bands, to the bendability of the wristband which helps it stay on (no clipping to our waist band), to the soft silicone which makes it comfortable to sleep with, to the high tech data tracking through the free Iphone App, the Jawbone UP has it all!

To give you a sense of all that it can do, the UP:
+ tracks your deep sleep and light sleep
+ slowly wakes you so you are not startled out of deep REM sleep
+ tracks your steps each day insuring you meet your set goal of at least 10,000 steps
+ allows you to compete with others or join groups to cheer each other on
+ reminds you when you have been sedentary too long (perfect for the office worker who forgets they have been on the computer for more than an hour at a clip without moving)
+ provides cool App graphics to display whether you have met your daily goals, how you fared for the week/month/etc.
+ allows you to track your food intake
+ stays charged up to 10 days

This has been a transformational gadget for me, and it startled me to see I was not taking as many steps per day as I assumed.  The UP reminds you to pick up the pace!

Spice It Up:  Package this gift with these funky, high performance toe socks from Injinji.  Dedicated runners swear by these socks for their quick drying fabric and blister prevention.  Any armchair athlete will be motivated to get up and go with these hip socks!

Top it off with a goal in mind!  Sign up with your gift recipient for a 5K, a Triathalon or a Tough Mudder, and motivate them to get ready for race day with these customized Cowbells.  Whether walking, running, or biking, their cheering section will be ready with these noisy and charming bells.

Where to Buy:
Jawbone UP - These wristbands can be purchased online directly from Jawbone or Amazon.  In store, they are available at the Apple Store, and Best Buy. The App is free to download.  Wristband is approximately $120.00 depending on store/site

Injinji Socks - The solid color toe socks are available directly online from Injinji, but I found the striped style on Amazon. $12.29-$14.99 per pair

Cowbell - GoneForARun is a terrific website for runner gifts, athletic apparel and gadgets.  They have various cowbells with sayings, or the personalized bell with a custom name. $6.99-$8.99 per bell

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