Away In A Manger

Christmas is a magical time of year trimmed with festive decorations.  My favorite adornment this year is this wintery blue felt Nativity scene from Wisteria

While traditional crèche are more serious in nature, I love the levity of this scene with the sheep's smiling faces and textured coats.

The three Magi are a nice touch with their fluffy beards reminiscent of Santa Claus!  Your children and grandchildren will adore these for years to come.

Inclined towards a less religious decoration?  Check out these cute Reindeer Carolers!  In bold red garb, the reindeers are a perfect centerpiece for your holiday table.

Spice It Up:  For years, my mother has collected one Christmas book each season.  Her collection is now impressive, and we all love to thumb through the various books during the holidays.  Start a collection for your gift recipient by pairing a special book with either the Nativity scene or the Reindeer Carolers.
For the Nativity scene, I recommend The Animals Christmas Eve (Little Golden Book) by Paula Wiseman or The Animals Christmas Carol by Helen Ward.  For the Reindeer Carolers, try Reindeer Christmas by Mark Kimball Moulton.

Where to Buy: 
Felt Decorations - Available at Wisteria either through their catalog, website or in-store (Dallas). 
    Nativity Scene $59.00, Three Magi $39.00  , Reindeer Carolers $59.00

A few comments about Wisteria:
+ The photos do not do justice for how well made and darling their products are!

+ Don't be put off by the prices as they always have promos and huge discounts available, and their staff is very generous in helping you apply all deals possible.

+ If you are in Dallas, their warehouse store is across the street from Love Field Airport.  They have their full price products, and in the back they have a Sale section well worth exploring.

+ They will gift wrap with the loveliest ribbon!

Books - All can be found at Barnes & Noble and Amazon, though I try to buy in-store through Barnes & Noble to help support their "brick & mortar" stores.  Prices range from $3.99-$50.00

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