M&Ms...Mmm Mmm Good!

You’ve probably seen the ads for personalized M&Ms, and I’m here to tell you they are even cuter in real life! 
M&Ms make a great Hostess gift, Thank you gift, Birthday, Bar Mitzvah, Co-Worker, Grandparents, Teens, Kids, Anniversary, Mother’s Day, Father’s Day, Diwali, Hanukkah, Christmas, Valentine’s,  party favor, etc. 
With Thanksgiving approaching, think of the festive color combinations you can order to make for a Hostess gift for your Mother-In-Law, Sister, or Friend who will be toiling over the turkey dinner!  For Thanksgiving, try Orange/Brown/Red or Orange/Yellow/Red with clip art of a Turkey, a maple leaf, and “Happy Thanksgiving” or “Gobble Gobble.”
As for me, I gave this gift for Father’s Day, and as a Thank You/Hostess Gift.  For Father’s Day, I picked Blue/Green/White M&Ms.  Then, uploaded a photo of my niece, a photo of my father’s dog, and the words “Happy Father’s Day.”

For a Thank you gift, my friend loves all things French, so I picked the colors of the French Flag (Red/White/Blue).  Then, uploaded a Fleur-De-Lis logo, an Eiffel Tower Clip Art, and the word “Merci.”
If you are stumped for creative ideas, the M&M website provides a great “idea gallery” to help you come up with gifts for your particular occasion. 

Spice It Up:  You can search for a container on your own, or (on the M&M Website) select one of their candy dispensers to add to your order.  The dispenser is well designed because it is relatively small (though it holds a large bag of plain M&Ms) to sit nicely on a desk, and won't clutter up your space while keeping the candy fresh.
Dispenser Size Comparison

Where to Buy:  Go to the website at My M&Ms.  Prices vary depending on the items you select.  Personalized candy only runs $6.99 for 7 oz. to $159.99 for 10 lbs.   The combo of a candy dispenser with 1 lb bag of personalized candy varies from $49.99-$69.99 depending on your selection. 

Tip 1:  I recommend picking a 3 color combo you like as it makes the gift more distinctive than mixing more colors in together.  If you choose to go with the dispenser, pick “white” as one of the M&M colors at it will look nice with the dispenser and will make the other colors pop.
Tip 2:  M&M is strict when it comes to trademarked logos, so you cannot upload your own logo from your favorite sports team if it is trademarked.  They have available on their site most major league teams to pick from, but they charge you more to use them snice they are trademarked.  M&Ms has some college teams, but not all.  I was able to upload a longhorn logo that was not an official UT Austin Longhorn pic, but I had to work at finding a clip art that was not an official trademark.

Tip 3:  You are allowed to choose 2 photos /logo/clip art + 1 word combo, or 1 photo/logo/clip art + 2 word combos at the standard rate.  When uploading photos you have to pick a headshot or it won’t come out clear enough.  M&Ms is very good about emailing you quickly to tell you if your pic or word selection will not fit on the M&M--be prepared to have a few alternates handy.

Tip 4:  The candy arrives in bags packed alongside the dispenser.  I recommend shipping to yourself so you can place the candy in the dispenser to present as a gift.

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