Halloween Hoopla!

They're creepy and they're kooky,
Mysterious and spooky...

Halloween is around the corner, and what better gift for your favorite ghouls than a witch Cauldron!  Pottery Barn has perfected it with a glass bowl hanging from an iron bar and matching ladle.  It will surely dress up any Halloween display or party table--if you are brave enough, add some dry ice for the eerie fog effect.

Spice It Up:  Ice cube molds in the shape of Skulls & Crossbones will tickle your guests as they sip the witches brew.  Check out these fun Halloween punch recipes from Better Home & Gardens.

Or, for the adults, combine Crystal Skull Vodka and cranberry juice for a blood red cape-cod cocktail.  The, skull can be set next to your cauldron to add to your spooky table display.

Where to buy:
Cauldron - Pottery Barn offers this cauldron for $99.00.  While on their site, be sure to view their other eye catching Halloween decorations.  Update: The cauldrons are selling out fast and are no longer available online.  I confirmed with Pottery Barn that there are still 3-4 at each store locally.  So, run over and buy one today before they sell out!

Ice Cubes - Skull & Crossbones trays are available at many stores including Bed, Bath & Beyond for $4.99 per tray.  The large single skull mold is available on Amazon for $11.10 per mold.

Crystal Skull Vodka - Dan Akyroyd's crystal skull vodka is available at most liquor stores ranging from $30.00-$89.99 depending on the size. 

In addition, they are offering a neat gift right now to celebrate the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary$78.99 for the gift set (includes 2 cd Rolling Stone legendary song compilation, engraved decanter top, and vodka skull).

Make it a Rock 'n Roll Halloween you'll never forget!

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