Halloween Hoopla!

They're creepy and they're kooky,
Mysterious and spooky...

Halloween is around the corner, and what better gift for your favorite ghouls than a witch Cauldron!  Pottery Barn has perfected it with a glass bowl hanging from an iron bar and matching ladle.  It will surely dress up any Halloween display or party table--if you are brave enough, add some dry ice for the eerie fog effect.

Spice It Up:  Ice cube molds in the shape of Skulls & Crossbones will tickle your guests as they sip the witches brew.  Check out these fun Halloween punch recipes from Better Home & Gardens.

Or, for the adults, combine Crystal Skull Vodka and cranberry juice for a blood red cape-cod cocktail.  The, skull can be set next to your cauldron to add to your spooky table display.

Where to buy:
Cauldron - Pottery Barn offers this cauldron for $99.00.  While on their site, be sure to view their other eye catching Halloween decorations.  Update: The cauldrons are selling out fast and are no longer available online.  I confirmed with Pottery Barn that there are still 3-4 at each store locally.  So, run over and buy one today before they sell out!

Ice Cubes - Skull & Crossbones trays are available at many stores including Bed, Bath & Beyond for $4.99 per tray.  The large single skull mold is available on Amazon for $11.10 per mold.

Crystal Skull Vodka - Dan Akyroyd's crystal skull vodka is available at most liquor stores ranging from $30.00-$89.99 depending on the size. 

In addition, they are offering a neat gift right now to celebrate the Rolling Stones 50th Anniversary$78.99 for the gift set (includes 2 cd Rolling Stone legendary song compilation, engraved decanter top, and vodka skull).

Make it a Rock 'n Roll Halloween you'll never forget!

Personalized Pillows...Dreamy!

Got a friend who loves to post photos to Instagram?  Selfies on the cellphone?  The gift solution is Stitchtagram pillows!

Remember those t-shirt quilts of yesteryear with all your college party t-shirts woven together as a keepsake quilt? 
Stitchtagram has cleverly updated the idea for the digital world.  They take a menagerie of your Instagram photos and print those on textured black denim to create a hand stitched pillow that is, at once, playful and sentimental.

Tweens, Teens, Adults will all love this memorable way to display their favorite photos.

Think of all the gifts you can run with:  Special Birthdays (16, 21, 30, 40...80) High School Graduation, College Graduation, Bridesmaids, Engagement, Wedding, Anniversaries, Grandparents, Housewarming, Fathers Day, Mothers Day, Christmas/Hanukkah.

If your recipient has a particular passion, you can tailor the photos to a theme:  favorite pets, pics of their artwork/crafts, pics of their house, a favorite vacation spot, how they met or got engaged, high school start to finish, a special trip or study abroad, summer vacation, pics of the grandkids, favorite Christmas decorations, etc..

Spice It Up:  Encourage the burgeoning photographer with an old school Lomography Diana + Dreamer Camera.  This funky 1960s retro camera has a cult following for its "dreamy, lo-fi images" that give your pictures a magical otherworldliness.  They'll be creating artistic collages in no time!

Where to Buy: 

Pillow - Go to the Stitchtagram website where they offer several personalized products.  They sell gift certificates in case you want your recipient to choose their photo combinations. 
Pillow $68.00, Tote Bag $78.00, Wristlet $82.00, Coin Purse $28.00 (price does not include shipping cost, allow for 2-3 weeks for delivery upon ordering)

Camera - The Lomography Diana + Dreamer Camera can be purchased at multiple stores.  I found this, and other fun retro cameras online at Urban Outfitters.  If you prefer to pick up in-store, most are available in your local store.  This particular camera includes a book of Lomography photos to help inspire.  $65.00