Sweet Dreams & Lullabies

There are a million baby gifts out there, but finding one that is meaningful, will be treasured, and doesn’t cost a fortune is quite a challenge.

Most expectant mothers have a gift registry which you can most certainly utilize.  For me, Gift Registries tend to overwhelm with the long lists, serial numbers, trying to locate the item in-store…yes, I can feel my eyes starting to glaze over just thinking about it.  Not to mention, I find practical items, like a Diaper Genie, sorely lacking in the “memorable” or “touching” gift department.
My go-to-gift for Baby Showers is inspired by my niece who is now 7, and still loves a gift her mother received for her at her baby shower:  a constellation Lady Bug night light.
This gift has been used nightly, even on vacation, for the past seven years to soothe my niece as she falls asleep.  The lady bug casts a constellation of stars in a dimmed hue on the ceiling.  It allows you to select from three different colors, and automatically shuts off after 45 minutes.
Even as an infant, as soon as she saw the constellation in the dark, she knew it was time to settle down to sleep.  Now, she just loves it as a night light which keeps her room from being pitch dark.
I love this gift for more than just how cute it is, and here’s why:
 + comes in a variety of animals (the most popular are a Turtle and Lady Bug) for boys & girls
 + easy to ship (lightweight) to out of town friends, and can be ordered online at Barnes & Noble or Babies R Us
 + can easily be exchanged as most small and large cities have a B&N or Babies R Us
 + provides inspiration to parents & babysitters for off the cuff storytelling about stars/flying to the moon/etc.
 + great for kids who are afraid of the dark—they can have a neat constellation on the ceiling without feeling like they are “scaredy-cats” for needing a night light

Spice It Up:  Pair it with a great book!  I’m a believer in encouraging kids to read from the time they are very young.  Some ideas of great books include:  The Very Hungry Caterpillar, Goodnight Moon, or Shel Silverstein’s Where the Sidewalk Ends.  Another idea is to send a book with a compilation of Fairy Tales.  This is something that can be read to them for years to come, or that they may one day read themselves. 
Be sure to inscribe the book with something like, “Sweet Dreams and Lullabies to ___, Love, ___” I think it is a nice touch to include your name so that when the child is older, he/she will know who sent them this special gift.

Where to Buy:
Night Light – It is produced by a company called Cloud B.  Go to their website to check out other neat products they have for children. You can purchase directly through them, or it is available at Barnes & Noble, Babies ‘R Us, and Amazon.  Approximately $34.99
Books – Available at most books stores and baby stores including: Barnes &Noble, Babies ‘R Us, Amazon, etc. Price varies on book selection/edition/hardback or paperback, but estimate $5.00-$40.00

For the combo gift of night light + book, I recommend going to Barnes & Noble because you can go in-store to browse the selection and be done in one stop, or order it online in one gift box.  It is also easy for exchanges for the recipient as most people have access to a B&N in their city/suburb.

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  1. I got the constellation turtle for a friend recently! Great minds....