The Littlest Artists

Trying to think of a special gift for your child, grandchild, niece or nephew?

Philadelphia based Wooberry Dolls custom creates a doll based upon your child’s drawing. Whether a free form Martian, Picasso-esque self-portrait, or a cute doodle of a pet, Wooberry transforms their creative artwork into a full sized doll.

Spice It Up: Take the artwork a step further and create a custom book/story around the artwork. Bookemon makes it easy by allowing you to upload your own story or use their templates to help create a neat fairy tale for your child.

Start with their Martian drawing, and develop a full story and include your child in the story—they will love it! Or, have them join you to create a story all their own.

Together, these two gifts will become a treasured keep-sake and will inspire your child to create, to draw, to write!

Where to Buy:

DollWooberry is available online, and I will warn you it is a bit pricey. Order now to be ready for Christmas/Hanukkah at discounted price of $180.00 per doll.

Each doll is unique and constructed out of velour & velveteen. Upload the drawing by scanning a copy of it or taking a photo. The site offers drawing inspirations and instruction.

Alternate Gift Idea: Wooberry also offers “Wedding Dolls” for brides & grooms if you can provide a photo or caricature of the couple. Other suggested ideas are: Dads & Kids, Moms & Kids, Pets, etc.

BookBookemon online allows you to create a book online. Prices vary according to templates used, number of pages, binding style (hard or soft cover), number of books to be printed, etc. Books can range from $10.00-upwards.

Other recommended sites are TikATok and Storybird.

Storybird is a great site for creating a story with neat artwork—but you cannot upload your own artwork. I recommend this for someone creating a story for a wedding couple or anniversary (“The Story of Us” type), or just for a kid to noodle and learn how to write a book.

"As a child, I drew like Raphael but it has taken me a lifetime to draw like a child."– Pablo Picasso

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