What Would MacGyver Do?

Admit it—every guy dreams of having crazy skills like MacGyver.  Whether for life threatening situations or for around the house chores, MacGyver has timeless wisdom for both.
Help your honey with his Honey-Do list by giving him his very own MacGyver kit!   “The MacGyver” which includes Duct Tape, WD40, Gerber Multi-tool and Gorilla Glue.  Be sure to add a box of Paper Clips, a Mullet Wig and Acid Wash Jeans for good measure!
Spice It Up:  Give him one of these unique Survival Straps.  While they look hip to wear, the cord unravels several feet to be used as a rope, tourniquet, or strap.  
Whether he is a hunter, fisherman, sailor, surfer, camper, climber or outdoorsmen, he will love this handy tool.  In harrowing situations, they can be quite useful—let’s hope your guy doesn’t need to use it for anything more than stylishness! 
Inspire your burgeoning Survivalist with this book: What Would MacGyver Do?  True Stories of Improvised Genius in Everyday Life

Top it off with a silly -t-shirt—imagine the conversations these shirts will inspire—ha!
Where to Buy: 
The MacGyver KitBroquet online provides an already assembled kit.  $65.00

Home-Made KitLowe’s/Home Depot/Ace Hardware offer all the necessary items.  Buy a simple tool box or backpack to fill with: WD40, Duct Tape, Paper Clips, Multi-Tool, SuperGlue, etc.  Then, stencil on the tool box using a Sharpie Marker “WWMD”—this will ensure a good laugh!
Survival Bracelet – There are several brands for the survival bracelet, though I like Survival Straps because they are actively involved in Charities.  $24.00
Book – Found at Barnes & Noble in store or online.  $12.00
T-shirt – Online at Tshirts I Want or at Swag-City $18.00

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