Oh, Those Summer Nights!

You’re lucky enough to be invited to a friend’s Lakehouse/Beachhouse/Mountain Cabin for a visit this summer.  What do you give as a host/hostess gift to thank them for their hospitality?
S’Mores are always a good summer treat.  Bring your host/hostess their own S’Mores Kit.  No campfire nearby?  Set them up with Hershey’s cute S’Mores Maker.  The faux fire and logs are cheeky and reminiscent of campfires past.

Spice It Up:  Catching lightening bugs are a time honored summer tradition.  Bring your host/hostess a lightening bug jar light for BBQs on the deck, clambakes on the beach, etc. 
Eating by candlelight creates a festive ambience, and these battery operated lightening bugs in mason jars will be used all summer long.

Over the Top:  There are few gifts I literally swoon for, but this is one I am completely in love with!  A retro neon sign styled as a mason jar with flickering lightening bugs.  It evokes the whimsy and joy of summer, childhood, and family.  

Austin based artist Todd Sanders is known for his retro artwork in neon.  Granted, these signs are pricier than what you would typically spend for a friend, but he does sell custom photo prints of his work. 
So, a nice print is a thoughtful decorative addition for a vacation home.  And, if you are buying for your own home, maybe you will splurge for the actual sign!
Where to buy:

S’Mores – the kit is available at World Market for $9.99, and the S’Mores Maker can be found on Amazon for $29.98. 
Note:  If you prefer, there are many fancier/more expensive/modern looking S’Mores Makers available--just google online for options.

Lightening Bug Jar - several versions of this decorative jar can be found on Etsy.  The featured photo with the burlap on the jar is from SoBarnShabby on Etsy.

For a wedding or party, you can purchase a package of 30 for $300.00.  Or as a gift, you can purchase groups of 4 jars or individuals at $15.00-$30.00 each.  Some just have the string lights, but I prefer the ones with moss in the jars so that you cannot see the wires or batteries.
Note: On Etsy, search as either Firefly Jars, Firefly Lanterns, Lightening Bug Lantern, etc.
Neon Sign/Print – the Roadhouse Relic Neon signs are custom made and run from $2,500.00-$15,000.00 (yes, I gasped a bit too), but the neon photo prints are a mere $18.00 per print. 
If you are in the Austin area, be sure to tour his studio, Roadhouse Relics, on 1st street.


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