Let Them Eat Cake!

Bastille Day is on July 14th so be ready to celebrate the French revolution! Have your own Bastille Day party, and give a door prize of this quirky bobble headed Napoleon.
Now, practically speaking, no one needs a bobble head Napoleon, but looking at this you will want one. And, it is certainly worth the laugh!

Originally, Bastille Day was intended to commemorate the storming of the French prison and the uprising of the modern French nation. Today, it is a celebration of French culture featuring feasts, parades, fireworks, and dancing in the streets.

Spice It Up: Add to your celebration, or give to a friend as a gift, a box of these delicious Croissants from William Sonoma. Fresh out of your own oven, not only do they smell heavenly, but the warm buttery pastry is a special French treat!

Honestly, I am very picky when it comes to mail-order gourmet food, as I believe much of it is stale or not tasty. I can personally vouch for the high quality, buttery taste, and freshness of these delicious croissants as I ordered them myself earlier this year.

Consider taking a box with you on vacation as a host/hostess gift, as they keep in the freezer and you can dole a few out a time for a treat.

Prefer to experience Bastille Day in person?

Contact French Affaires to arrange a trip tailored for you to France.

Or, join in on one of Dr. Elizabeth New’s guided tours from Parisian Flea markets, to Provence, to Chateau tours, to museums galore.

Elizabeth founded French Affaires and offers a blog, unique classes, guided trips, and trip planning for budding Francophiles.

I know her personally, and not only is she an expert on French culture, but she is also tres chic and a terrific conversationalist--someone who you want to lead you through the "not to be missed" aspects of France.

So, grab your family or your friends, and take a trip to France!

Where to Buy:

Napoleon Bobble Head - World Market has this wonderful tchotchke along with other decorations for a proper Bastille Day celebration. $19.99

- Williams Sonoma offers regular croissants, chocolate croissants, and other pastries. There are combo packs or a single type box, and they arrive frozen. $39.95 for box of 15

French Affaires - View the French Affaires website where Dr. Elizabeth New has links to her blog, as well as information on classes, upcoming trips, and itinerary planning.

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