Cowboy Cool

Howdy pardners! Here is my go-to gift when I am traveling, and need a gift to tuck into my suit case.  The perfect pint sized coffee table book: Cowboy Boots by Tyler Beard. 

Even if you are not from Texas, I promise you will love this book! I discovered it through my friend Greg H.J. who is from Lampasas, TX where the author penned the book on a ranch nearby.

The book details the history of Cowboy boots, and the evolution of custom designed boots. I keep a copy on my coffee table, and everyone who comes to my house ends up thumbing through it. The colors are vibrant, and the boots are captivating folk art.

I especially like this book because it is small—6 in. x 6 in. x ¾ in. (slightly wider than a cocktail napkin), so if you are traveling it packs well. Wrap it in brown construction paper or a bandana with a bit of raffia for a bow—a perfect casual western looking gift.

Spice It Up: For a host/hostess or housewarming, give your friends a chuckle with this triangle dinner bell to call everyone to chow time at the O-K Corral!
 Add to it with a few old fashioned milk bottles with a fun recipe for a homemade Frappuccino, smoothie or milk punch tucked in the bottle!

I admit, I borrowed this idea from one of my favorite Dallas restaurants called Bolsa. They serve a delicious New Orleans style Milk Punch in old milk bottle glasses with a festive straw. It keeps the drink ice cold, and looks so tasty!

Where to Buy:
Book – I have seen this book in several gift stores, but to be safe, order online at Barnes & Noble or Amazon. Order 3-5 books to keep handy when you need a quick gift to go. $11.71

Triangle Dinner Bell – There are many online, but the one featured here is from Crate & Barrel. $34.95

Milk Bottles – A variety are available online or at local antique stores. I particularly like the ones online at SweetLuLu, or Jilly Bean Kids. 12 for $30.00 at SweetLuLu, or carrying tray and 2 bottles for $25.99 from Jilly Bean Kids

Recipe Suggestions:
Frappuccino – try this one from

Strawberry Mango Smoothie – check this one out from The Bakers Mann—this is my favorite blog for great recipes!

Milk Punch – I’m sorry I don’t give out my mother’s top secret famous Milk Punch recipe, but here’s a good one from Emeril.

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