Ready, Set for College!

High school graduations are just days away, and you need a gift for a graduate.  To start, consider what the grads could use in the fall when they head off to college.

Now, think back to your own college days…hiking across campus to class with your backpack, socializing at keggers, and running out of allowance money a week before the end of the month...

Ah, those were the good 'ol days!

An iPhone wallet is a perfect gift for a new graduate. It is small enough to stuff in a Backpack (who wants to lug a giant purse around), and keeps a student ID and phone safe.

For the girls, you can find many cute styles, though I recommend the wristlet type.  Wristlets are desirable because you can still dance at a party without losing your belongings!

KateSpade, Coach, and Tumi all have very nice iPhone wallets/wristlets and you can certainly spend the $80.00+ for these lovely cases.  But, remember, the reality of a college student's wallet is that it will have beer spills, pizza stains, and crushed edges from sitting under a stack of books.  Basically, it's not worth ruining an expensive one.  

So, stop by Target and buy the stylish ones like these two affordable examples.
 I like this Black & White Polka-Dot wristlet because it fits a phone that may already have a protective case (like an Otterbox), and allows for a few extra items. This is soft faux leather so it is not heavy to carry like real leather, and you can spill all the beer you want without staining the cover! $14.99

An alternate style is the hard case found in this light gold wristlet edition.  It is a bit smaller, and fits the phone in the case (sans cover) and serves as a protective case in itself.

The gold is a bit more glam for nights out on the town!

In addition to graduates, this is a neat gift for a 21st birthday or 30th birthday as she heads out clubbing with her besties!  $12.99

For the boys, the iphone wallet combo is simple and sleek.  This is available at Target, as well.  $39.99
Note:  Another option is to go to the website for the bookstore at the college of their choice.  Oftentimes, there will be cases with the school colors.

Spice It Up:  Add gift cards to the wallet! 

Whether studying for exams, or just needing late night munchies after the cafeteria is closed, a little junk food is a real treat for the college student! 

Tuck a few gift cards from various fast food restaurants in the wallet.  These will be their “emergency” kit when they truly need it!

Note 1:  Pizza tends to be expensive.  If you choose to do this, select one like Gatti’s or CiCi’s that have pizza buffets.  This way they can make the card last longer than just one pizza at $20.00.  Otherwise, $5 or $10 increments are sufficient at most fastfood places.
Note 2:  Possible cards include: Pinkberry, 7-11, Starbucks, Einstein’s, McDonalds, Whole Foods (if you are trying to avoid the junk food), Pizza Hut, Taco Cabana, Chick-Fil-A, Taco Bell, Wendy’s, Whataburger, etc.  Be careful about convenience store or grocery store cards--a friend of mine spent his first semester using his gas card to buy copious amounts of beer until his father figured out he wasn’t filling up his car!

Note 3: Be sure to tell the recipient that the gift cards in the wallet are real and are not just display cards!

Where to Buy:
Wristlets are available at most department, and gift stores.  I found these at Target (wristlets)$12.99-$14.99

Mens' phone/wallets are available at student bookstores, department stores or try Target (Agent 18 men's phone/wallet). $39.99
These are great gifts for Graduation, For Him or For Her, For 21st Birthday, For 30th Birthday (headed out clubbing)!


  1. those were the good ole' days! What a cute gift idea and such a range of prices to choose from too. Thanks, clever friend!

  2. Great gift idea!! Love the unique recommendations you have. You are so talented and help take the stress out of gift giving! Thank you!!