Music to His Ears

When considering a gift for men, from age 8 to 88, they all want electronics. Unfortunately, that big screen TV, iPad, or gaming gadget are way out of the price range for my gift budget...

Never fear—I found the best affordable techy gift for all the boyz in your life!

Skullcandy Pipe is a mobile audio dock for your iPhone/iPod. It is hip, and functional.

The Pipe has a slick appearance in silver or black chrome, and is small enough to rest nicely on a desk at the office or in a small dorm room. To top it off--it has an ultra-thin Clicker! $44.00-$48.00

Originally, I bought this for my brother who loves it and uses it constantly. He takes it with him to listen to music while fishing, traveling, at the office, and in the backyard for BBQs.  The sound is impressive, and can be adjusted loud for a bash or soft for background music while working.

And, I admit, I loved it so much I bought one for myself! I even gave it for a Bar Mitzvah gift and a high school graduation gift--the Skullcandy logo is hip and the gadget cool enough for even the most jaded of techno teen boys.

iPhone docked to play music
This is a great gift for any guy or gal, but is especially great for Birthdays, Father’s Day, Bar Mitzvahs, Graduation, Christmas, etc.

Small Coke bottle for scale comparison

Spice It Up: Is he stuck in a rut listening to the same few songs he downloaded from Itunes 3 years ago? Bring him up to date with a Mix of The Month membership from DJ Lucy Wrubel. Lucy has traveled the world, and her playlists are infused with her eclectic exceptional style! $25.00-$165.00/yr
This gift is truly worthwhile because her selection ranges from hip new artists to retro favorites. When you don't have time to figure out what to download--she's got it all!
Where to buy:

Skullcandy can be purchased online at Skullcandy, or from Amazon.  I  purchased mine from one of those large electronic vending machines you see in airports & shopping malls.  The box includes an adapter to plug into the wall, but you might want to add batteries to the gift.  The Clicker is especially handy--it is so thin and light, see comparison to my Ipod in the picture below.  $44.00-$48.00
DJ Lucy Wrubel's Mix of the Month in online and has two levels of membership: LoFi for 12 months for $25 which sends out a monthly recommended playlist you can download yourself from iTunes, or you can purchase the Box Set at $165 annual membership which mails you the monthly playlist on cd to burn along with other features.
Check out DJ Lucy Wrubel at her website to listen to some of her sample tunes


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