Luck Be A Lady!

For a graduation, a milestone birthday, a bridesmaid gift or a bon voyage for a friend who is moving away, you want to bestow good wishes.  These Dogeared brand necklaces are stylish, and meaningful gifts to express this sentiment.

The Lucky Cat is fun, and a conversation starter.  The small size keeps it from being too "cutesy" for an adult.  It wears well from day time at work, to casual sweats on the weekend, to out on the town at night.
The 100 Good Wishes, though pricier, is unique as it lists out the 100 good thoughts and wishes.  Each "bead" on the necklace represents one of these wishes, and there are exactly 100 beads on the necklace. 
We can all use good vibes, good karma, and blessings--whatever your beliefs--and this necklace is a magnet for all if them! 
This is one of my favorite necklaces because it layers beautifully with other pendant necklaces.  Personally, I have one in silver and one in gold just so I can combine it with my other jewelry depending on what I am wearing. 

The strand is one single long necklace that you can wear long or double up as shown.

In addition, this necklace works for any age—from teenager to grandmother.  It is just that good looking, and subtle.

Spice It Up:  The lucky cat legend is a charming Asian tale of a cat that brings good luck.  This festive statuette is a great addition to double down on the good luck from the necklaces.  
For a graduate’s college dorm room, a housewarming gift, a co-workers desk, or a going away gift for a friend who is moving, the Lucky Cat gift box offers Feng Shui and good luck for any space. 
This particular one includes the decorative box to display the cat, along with a booklet describing the legend of the Lucky Cat.

Where to Buy:
Necklaces:  Dogeared jewelry has numerous necklaces with charms that have different sayings included in the box. 
The styles are available in both silver & gold so you can pick which best suits the recipient.  The brand can be purchased online or in stores at Nordstrom, NeimanMarcus, Bloomingdales and other stores. 
Dogeared products range from $38.00-$140.00 and include sentiments such as: Faith, Good Luck, Friends Forever, Life Is Beautiful, etc.
Lucky Cat necklace $58.00 

Good Wishes necklace $90.00-$100.00 (price varies slightly depending on whether it is gold or silver)

Box is roughly the height of a iPhone
Cat is height of a standard Lipstick
Lucky Cat Statue: 
I found this one at Barnes & Noble on the display stands near the counter.  Though Barnes & Noble shows that they are sold out for online order, I have seen them in the actual stores as recently as this week.
It is also available through Amazon.  If you cannot find this particular statuette, google “Lucky Cat” online and you will find many other similar cat statues.    $9.95

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