Beach Blanket Bingo!

Sunglasses & beach
towels from Tuesday Morning
Summer is upon us and that means sitting by the pool, floating the river, or hanging out at the shore!  The natural gift for Teacher Appreciation, Graduation, or summer birthdays is a large monogrammed beach towel to enjoy by the water.

To personalize the beach towel, initials work well.  Or, add a bit of whimsy by embroidering nicknames on the towel. 

My good friend, Meg, is a precision sunbather so we christened her with the nickname of “Sundial” as she coached us through catching the best rays at the beach.  This towel will make her laugh!  If your recipients don’t have a nickname, give them one:  Rock Star, Shop Girl, Smarty Jones, Twinkle Toes, etc.
This gift works well for guys, too, though I recommend keeping the monogram small, and the nickname not too embarrassing.

You can place the monogram in the center of the towel, but I prefer to place the name in the front left corner so that when you have it laid out on the chaise your feet will rest just above the letters on the towel.  That way, the Cabana Boy will know exactly who to bring the Pina Colada to!
Spice It Up:  Add a pair of inexpensive sunglasses, a summer beach novel with a handmade bookmark (place a list of suggested reads on the bookmark), or flip flops!
Check out these imprintable flip flops you can customize with a logo or message.  “Bring Beer” is hilarious, but if you want to tone it down, add a school name like “SMU” or a fun saying.

Where to Buy:

Towels - you can buy monogrammed towels at Swoozie’s, though they tend to be more expensive ranging from $25.00-$50.00.  Tuesday Morning currently has a large stock (in-store not online) of high quality beach towels priced at $9.99-$14.99.  The fabric is thicker and much nicer than the ones you see at Target, etc. 
Monogram - Have them monogrammed at a local store like this one in Dallas at Willow Bend Mall called EmbroidIt!  There are a variety of font styles to choose from, and prices vary depending on the size and number of letters.  The style featured here is called “Hobo.”  $10.00-$20.00

Sunglasses - Walmart, Target, Tuesday Morning for cheap glasses. $6.00-$20.00

Flip Flops – Customized sand imprint flip flops can be ordered online at Flip Sidez at Etsy. $19.95

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