Viva España! ...Swag for your Señor!

Let’s be honest, it is most challenging to buy gifts for men. 

From college boys to grandfathers, men like gadgets which are usually way out of my price range.  While I would love to give him that IPad mini, it’s just not happening!

So, what reasonably priced gift can you find for a guy that isn’t a boring tie?

Front of Bota Bag
Check out this personalized Bota Bag.   It’s funky, hip, and functional!  Approximately $27.00 (see where to purchase below)

A Bota Bag is a traditional Spanish leather bag to carry wine/sangria/spirits much like a flask.   If you have never seen one before, I can guarantee that plenty of hipsters carry them at the Coachella music festival and probably any hippie hanging out on the drag in Austin.
Spice it up:  Add in some Gipsy King tickets, a download of their greatest hits album, and a bottle of Spanish wine!
 While studying abroad in Spain during college, I became a fan of the Gipsy Kings.  Typically, they play outdoor venues which lends a certain festival atmosphere to their concerts.  Bring a picnic of tapas, and fill up his Bota Bag with Sangre De Toro. 
This makes for a great Birthday present or just a celebratory Date Night!
Where to purchase… 
Back of Bota Bag
Bota Bag:  I purchased mine online from Kegworks.  Although it took them 3 weeks to ship it to me, I am pleased with the quality.  The initials are branded nicely, the leather is very soft, and it is stamped with the “Made in Spain” tag on the back verifying authenticity.  Approximately $27.00 

Top of Sangre de Toro Bottle
Wine: You can find many fine Spanish wines in your local liquor stores, but I have always been amused by the little Bull on each bottle of Sangre De Toro. This wine is served at one of my favorite tapas restaurants, Café Madrid. Although it is very inexpensive, it is tasty!  Approximately $7.00 per bottle 


Gipsy Kings - Music: The greatest hits album can be downloaded from

iTunes, or if you are old school, you can order a CD from Amazon.   Approximately $15.00-$20.00   
 Gipsy Kings Concert Tickets: Currently, they are touring to various venues around the U.S. The Gipsy Kings play outdoors in Dallas on April 30th. If you have the chance one of the best places to see them is in Atlanta at Chastain Park – a beautiful venue for music and a picnic.   Approximately $58.00 for lawn seats.
Option 1: If he’s not a fan of the Gipsy Kings, pair the Bota Bag with a t-shirt from one of his favorite festival/jam bands. Depending on his era: Rolling Stones, Grateful Dead, Phish, Radiohead, etc. You can buy on most band websites, or t-shirt sites. Try this website called: Slingshot Shirts.   Approximately $20.00 (varies by shirt/band)

Option 2: Find a great Sangria pitcher like the
Las Ramblas pitcher at Crate & Barrel. Add a wooden spoon to stir, and he’s ready to fill his Bota Bag with Sangria!   Approximately $29.95

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