Summer fun is just around the corner, so be ready for pool time with the most awesome pool toy ever:  the Ship Wreck dive toy$24.99
Playing the game Marco…Polo, and diving for loose change only lasts so long before the kids tire of it.  I bought the Ship Wreck for my niece last summer when we had run out of ideas to keep her entertained in the pool. 

The toy hearkens images of the Titanic, and is a hoot to watch sink in the pool.  This is so neat even teens and adults want to dive for the treasure!

As you can tell, from the scale comparison to the Diet Coke can, it is very large and easy to see on the bottom of the pool.  The treasures start inside the boat, and you place the two sides of the ship wreck together.  Then, float it out into the middle of the pool. 
scale comparison to coke can

It will quickly separate and sink, thereby dispersing the treasure around the bottom of the pool.  Each of the items are marked with point values to allow for a competition to see who recovers the most points.

The treasures include: a vault, skull, necklace, ring, various coins, and a shark.  The smoke stacks from the ship are actually removable, and can be part of the dive loot.

The Ship Wreck makes a great gift for: Kids Birthdays, Summer Fun for the Kids or Grandkids, or as host/hostess gift for family BBQs on Memorial Day or 4th of July!

Spice It Up:  If you are giving to a kid, tag on a pair of Speedo goggles so they can see clearly to dive.  Ranging from $8.00-$20.00 
Add a beach towel or fins if you want to really splurge!

Where to Buy: 
Ship Wreck Dive Toy - This is available at various pool supply stores, but I found it easiest to purchase online from the Pool Center.

Note: On the website you will see several dive toys available to buy. I purchased both the Ship Wreck and the Treasure Chest.  While the Treasure Chest is cute, it is significantly smaller than the Ship Wreck.  I recommend spending the extra dollars for the Ship Wreck as it is truly a good bang for your buck!

Speedo Goggles - The goggles are available in most sporting goods stores including: Target, Sports Authority, Academy. 

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