Lions, and tigers and bears! Oh my!

The school year is coming to a close, and you need to find something unique to thank a special teacher or educator who has helped your child thrive. 

What do you give that is meaningful, but doesn’t add to the clutter of tchotchkes the teacher has received over the years?

A book is the most fitting tribute to a teacher.  Find a book, a classic, which means something to the teacher or the class from that school year.  Or borrow this idea:

The Wizard of Oz

Everyone has read the book or seen the movie, but a nice hard-back version is a lovely gift and one that any teacher would be glad to have in their personal library. 

Inscribe the book and have your child sign it.  Or, if it is a gift from the entire class, have each child sign.

Suggested inscription:  “Thank you for your courage, your wisdom, and your tremendous heart...”

Spice It Up:  Reign this gift in a bit before it becomes too sappy by adding this whimsical bookmark!  Kids and teachers alike will get a kick out of the Wicked Witch’s legs sticking out of the book.  Approximately $20.00

 Where to buy: 

Wizard of Oz Book - the book is available in any bookstore or on Amazon.  Barnes & Noble has several versions ranging from $6.00-$30.00.  The book featured here is $19.95 and is a beautiful illustration of L. Frank Baum’s famous story.

Wicked Witch Bookmark – the bookmarks are available in various stores.  I purchased this one online at Etsy.  The one I purchased came from  a vendor in Ukraine, and took about two weeks to arrive.  The quality is excellent and the bookmark is actually tin (will not tear or break) while the legs appear to be painted paper mache.   $8.99-$25.00


The book and bookmark together will run about $35.00.  This may be more than you want to spend for several teachers. So, I recommend saving this gift it for one truly special person.  Or, just buy one item--either the book or the bookmark.  (The bookmark can be inscribed with a sharpie).

Another cost saving idea is to stop by Half Price Books which carries many hardback books in good condition.

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